Cobblestoned Streets

Larkspur rollick to the evening's melody,Old swings rust in backyards alone,Why can't you accept its your destiny?Cement roads replace streets of cobblestone.Old suitcases with woollen clothes,Muddy boots and rain-drizzled coats,A blooming bud and withered rose,Abandoned tree-houses and secret notes.Long-forgotten dolls and jilted parks,Moonlit stories and pirate swords,Borrowed books and mischievous sparks,Black-white memories and a house… Continue reading Cobblestoned Streets

State of Mind

Have you ever really noticed waves on the shore? The way the jagged rocks cut open the water's soul? The way boats obliviously sail ashore? The taunts of the wind that will never be controlled, And the outcry of the gull that soars back home. In the thickets we roam, With our hearts lost at… Continue reading State of Mind

10 Lorde Songs That Would Be A Crime Not To Hear

The world-famous New Zealand musical artist and songwriter, Lorde, is known for her individualistic musical genre and thought-provoking songs. Lorde Her Top 2 most loved albums include: Melodrama (2017) Pure Heroine (2013) Here's a list (definitely not in sequential order) of her songs that you MUST listen to: Royals (Pure Heroine, 2013)Green Light (Melodrama, 2017)Ribs… Continue reading 10 Lorde Songs That Would Be A Crime Not To Hear


There's this haven I often visit in my dreams, A green thicket's path , I follow upstream, Where the clouds are feathery and pink, Behind which the yellow orb winks, Blossoms sprouting with my every step, And into this fantasy, I am swept. Where crows sing sweet tunes, As they welcome the lonely moon, And… Continue reading Unseen